16 March 2006

Between the ides and a rather well known saint's day, you will find the 16th of March

This is a date of some significance to me for several reasons. It is the day the only man I've ever married was born, it is also my wedding anniversary -- at least the publicly celebrated one.
We got married in the Vista courthouse in 1987, it was supposed to happen on the 16th but there was a screw up with the appointments and something about sick judges. We did the potluck as planned, went back to work the next day and actually got legal a week later.
The getting legal was a very near thing indeed, the courthouse still had more apppointments than available judges and the one we drew lacked that essential sense-o-humour.

She was so uptight and sour faced that we were convinced that if we actually did look deep into each others' eyes that we would have started laughing hysterically and the judge would have refused to marry us. Worse still, I had had way too much coffee that morning, and well, let's just say it could have been a very ugly variation on a wet and wild wedding.
For some reason or another I could never seem to remember the date and wouldn't you know the year I finally remembered was a year after he died -- pish have I got timing or what? The picture at left from a vacation in Utah more years ago than I want to think about. Since then I've lost spouse and my figure. I can get the figure back wish I could do the same with spouse.

So happy birthday Bill and happy anniversary too. We beat the odds and made a damned good run of it even if the judge didn't think we had given it enough thought.
It has been a reflective day with me waiting on a UPS delivery.

I have a new delivery driver who does not show promise but since yarn, yarn glorious yarn is the reward for patience, I'm okay with giving into the waiting game.

Thanks Takako, project build a better baby bonnet will resume this weekend at the Whistlestop knitting get together.

The photo at right shows the original not quite enough yarn bonnet and very generous cones that arrived today.


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