18 August 2006

Damn the deadline

My original deadline for completing the bears and companion flower for the Hash House honeys will not be happening.

The first problem is that now that I've found peace with the proportions of baby bear (which I did, in fact, sew up while on walkabout the other day), I'm not happy with the body and ears of mama bear. That means that I need to reknit the body and ears of mama bear. Then I have to sew her up and embroider/sculpt her face and that of baby bear.

The next problem is that in order to deliver flower and bears in one swoop, I'd have to have bears and flower done by Sunday at the latest to be sure that Michele is doing her weekend waitress gig and Sunday is the Whistlestop knitting when I need to pick up from and pay Tania for my Stitch and Pitch ticket.

So I'm pushing the delivery back one week to coincide with the kidling's one month of sucking air anniversary and not conflict with other gotta/wanna do stuff. Maybe I'll make Michele an extra something just to make amends.


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