17 March 2006

Flawed and discontinued saints

It just occurred to me that saints' days are usually, and maybe even always, the anniversary of their deaths rather than their births. Interesting, could that be because until they turn their lives to religion and meet their maker in the approved saintly fashion that they are basic flawed folks?

So in honour of all the flawed saints and semi-perfected sinners, here's sign that should give a smile. The vendor, who can also often be found at the Santa Fe Swap Meet (danger, danger Will Robinson) sells pretty neat saint icons.

Anyhow, it's Saint Patrick's day and a good one for me as no one tried to convince that "everyone's a bit Irish on this day" or some other twaddle or get into a debate discussion over the fact that even Saint Patrick wasn't Irish but possibly Welsh like me.

I managed to get safely home from work without meeting up with any of the amateur drunks who just get messy on this day. Mind you, I've been there, done that and have very fond memories of Saint Patrick's day excesses during law school in Cleveland.

It rained on the parade which, in true San Diego civic calendar weirdness, happened last weekend rather than this.

I'm working away on design submissions and hoping to get everything done and in the mail tomorrow.

I got the bill from VCA today -- ouch. Well, about what I expected and I would have preferred a different result but the care and effort shown by these people is just remarkable and not just to the animals in their care.

A handwritten sympathy card from the vet, a full on "pet mourning package" which is both weird and wonderful. I think the "Anger Putty" could clearly be a best seller beyond the pet mourning market.

Kali really liked the smell of either the bath salts or the tea -- she nuzzled it so much the whole box took a nose dive off the table.

Not much knitting content today and not much knitting. Mostly a bit of walkabout and while in queue working on the second Baby Ull Build A Better Baby Bonnet to check yardage required.

I feel guilty that the DNA scarves are falling to the back of the queue. Still my own knitting for me is even more off into the mists of maybe someday so I can justify.


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