23 August 2006

Those that were blind . . .

may still not see but at least they have eyes. Embroidered for child safety and knitter extra annoyance points. Seated mama and baby bear measure 14 and 9 inches tall respectively.

Now onto the knitted flowers for Michele's end of the knitted booty. I'm doing a series of flowers all using the same pattern but with different yarns in slightly different gauges for a sort of floral collage/corsage hair ornament.

Speaking of blind, or perhaps just dense I'm having one of those say what making up moments with some Debbie Bliss baby booties from Family Circle Easy Knitting Spring 99. When the issue was first out the assembly instructions (which suck) had people confounded and confused. The Fall issue of the magazine has "corrected" instructions which seemed to be pretty much the same and therefore not much improved.

And then I saw the light -- well sort of. Each bootie requires three rather than two squares to create. Two of the squares are seamed together to form the sole and toe box and the 3rd square is folded diagonally and sewn to the other two -- exactly how that's done is still a to be determined thing but I'm only a 42 row garter square away from figuring it out.


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