20 March 2006

Earlier submissions mean cheaper rejections or Submissions away

I gave myself a deadline of Saturday the 18th to get my IK submission package on its way to Colorado. I missed that deadline in part because I just had to add the skater girl retro companion hat option, relabel my swatches and -- oh yeah, wait for the cable guy.

Still, I have better internet through put and a submission package that, even if not successful, is a big improvement over earlier efforts.

My slightly over the top swatch submission went out today via Fed-Ex to ensure delivery by Wednesday afternoon. Had I managed to resist the impulse to add the companion hat options and knit just one more swatch, I could have sent it earlier and cheaper to meet the deadline. After all, when you're paying to send it and providing postage to get the stuff back, rejection is cheaper when you send it early and net profit is higher if they say "we want that."

I'm learning to bank the designs and do the art early because, while I can write under pressure, I can't draw/paint under pressure and 30 years after deciding not to pursue a career in art, I am still too self-critical and overly controlling of my own art.

To that end, the Lapis Luxury file now includes a draft cover letter, a description, the actual pattern, the swatch and a piece of art that I can live with. In short, it is ready to be submitted for publication and all I have to do is decide where and when I want to send it off.

As promised in a different venue, here's a link for a place where the mourning/sympathy packages like the one I received from VCA can be viewed/purchased-- Sympathy Gifts.


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