15 March 2007

Ides and ideas

Yesterday during a conflicts resolution seminar, I sewed one of the side seams of the pentagon sleeves project. I finished the other seam this morning and polished off the neckline while grazing the Thursday night television lineup.

All that's left is the inevitable make sure every loose thread isn't loose and laundering. The sleeve, being more the size large than the size small/medium does have some issues as worn before full tilt blocking but overall I'm quite pleased with it and delighted to note that I probably have enough yarn left over to make another with the "now I know" adjustments.

But just to be safe, I think I'd rather work it in the denim yarn that started this walk on the weird side. Now that I know, I can usually knock out a garment in two weeks or less.

The girlie girl sleeve is demanding to be part of a more close fitting garment than the original inspiration piece. I'm futzing around with Mary Thomas's knitted filet lace and ruffles at the moment.

The Fixation/Sedona project is taking a rest as I decide which of the fibres will be the front/back and which will be the sides. If the Fixation is tagged for front/back I'll do the next round of ribbing differently. If it is Sedona to the front, then the ribbing will have to be the same.

I also charted out some star themed lace for yet another off shoot project. Photos on the weekend


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