06 February 2007

Angelina? Or a virgin vintage romantic inspiration piece

There's a funky little vintage shop on 5th Avenue between The Loft and Hash House A Go Go called Virgin Vintage. Walking by a few weeks back, I noticed a garment in the window display that reminded me of Joan M-M's (aka White Lies Designs) Angelina sweater design.
Frankly, Joan's design is more refined and when I looked more closely the display isn't as close to either Angelina or her inspiration piece but I think the basic look is very Joan M-M style.

Joan's got a book coming out soon that builds on her lacy lingerie background.

I usually describe Hillcrest, my neighbourhood, as 50% gay and 50% every_bloody_thing else. Lately it has been a construction zone with older single family homes and other buildings disappearing to be replaced with high density high price tag condos, condo conversions and other joys of urban life.

Mostly it is a safe place but of late some incidents/attacks have made the news and upset the community. Besides the nekkid driver who decided to lead the police on a merry chase the other morning, there have been some robberies (more in North park than in Hillcrest), assaults, the murder at Extraordinary Desserts (technically Banker's Hill BTW) and a stabbing in broad daylight at the CVS on Washington & 3rd on the Sunday.

Some of the comments that have hit the media about recent events have me ready to rant a bit. I'm not quite bubbling over but the next time I hear someone on the news saying that their reaction to a daylight event will curtail their evening activities I may just erupt -- fair warning.


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