14 January 2007

Baby it's cold inside and some TNNA twaddle

My handy dandy (gods I love gizmos and gadgets) High Gear keychain reports that it is 62 degrees Fahrenheit in my apartment (slightly warmer in the computer room). My nose is roughly the same colour as my red sweatshirt but I'm still not relenting and turning on the heat so my 20-something year record of not resorting to indoor heating remains intact.

I spent most of the day down at the San Diego Convention Center doing the TNNA thing. I'll do my best to get some quality blog time in the next few days to give my impressions of my first totally solo TNNA experience.

I walked down on Thursday to pick up my badge and see whether any of the still available classes could tempt me -- they didn't but it more about schedule than anything else.

I was rewarded with some good conversations with TNNA/Offinger folks and others. I got some idea of the amount of work that goes into the putting together The Great Wall of Yarn (let's just say that I'm even more impressed with how hard working Barry Klein of Trendsetter Yarns is). Instead doing dinner in the Gaslamp, I took advantage of the remaining daylight and walked back home to Hillcrest. Not only was that decision part of the see less of heather more often game plan, I also had some minor hope that I'd find my pedometer (I discovered it missing at the registration desk). No joy on the pedometer so I consoled myself with a stop in at Hash House for warming soup and a test of Johnny's excellent taste in wine -- still excellent in both red & white btw.


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