26 November 2006

Beyond the blackhole

When your to-do list includes "blog dammit" it's a pretty good indication that it has been too long between entries. In an effort to be clever and mask my blog-failings, I started some draft entries just to see if they would fill the gaps when I finally got 'round to editing and publishing them but even that ploy has not been fully implemented -- life's distractions and all that.

I have been knitting. I have been writing. I have been walking. I just haven't been putting the written word into/onto blogger.

So what's with the blackhole reference? When stuff disappears and then randomly reappears I don't blame it on little people of one stripe or another, I simply acknowledge that the items have fallen into a blackhole and no amount of searching will turn them up until the universe is ready to return them. And when it returns an item, it usually takes another just to keep the balance.

I freely acknowledge that when it comes to housekeeping I'm much more comfortable with that being a department I contact or a magazine I ignore than an activity I engage in but the relative neatness of my surroundings has never changed the blackhole problem.

The blackhole problem has, however, from time to time provided the incentive to deal with the clutter.
I've taken to keeping a list of stuff that's gone missing and when the list gets too long I go into search mode.

Today my apartment's state of declutter is much improved as a result of a blackhole search mode Saturday. The long missing MTS juror one way ride pass, the van's registration, my needs renewal passport, a knitting needle or two have all found their way back into this dimension.

earring the blackhole sucked up (right off the ear) in payment for the items' return has joined the other singletons on the waiting for its mate grid. My office floor looks a bit more like a floor and less like the bottom of a dustbin -- all good. But my hunky chunky but functional digital camera remains among the missing. It is no where to be found here or in my cosy cubicle (read veal pen) in the wilds of RB -- pish.

Personally I don't think it is a blackhole victim. I think it is just plain gone missing. So until it appears or gets replaced (eek, shopping during the hols!) it's going to be photos from the queue.

That queue of postings will, however, have to wait. Saturday search mode also meant a not enough exercise day and the day's beckoning.


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