18 October 2006

Eeek an update

There are almost as many posts in the to be published queue as there are projects in progress. The posts are more stalled than the projects so today I'm making a stab at overcoming procrastination.

The pentagon sleeves project 's switch yarn every row plan is working out and front and back are now about 7 or 8 inches long. That's roughly the length in the photo from late July when I discovered the dye lot problem. Although I may still have made a few mistakes along the way I'm okay (no, no, really) with the way the dye lots are blending and I'm forcing myself to at least start the next row when I'm doing the second knit or purl row. That keeps me from having the which end now question.

The recent cooler weather and a bit of calendar shock made me haul out another long languishing project -- the DNA scarves that were originally slated to be Christmas presents in 2005. Since procrastination runs in the family, it's no surprise that they didn't get done on time. The length of the scarves makes them awkward for walkabout knitting and a weather change will probably sideline them but progress is being made.

Speaking of progress, here's a shot of the latest local construction project looming in the 'hood.


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