21 September 2006

Volunteering, v-necks & flip flops

I'm working with another spare memory card that I backed up and reformatted to try to avoid the corruption problem that befell the other two. I'm looking at a software solution to recover the images but the purchase is on the to be done list.

Yesterday instead of making the trek into RB, I joined fellow employees and other volunteers at Chollas Lake Park for a day of brush removal and, at least in my case, metal detection. It was all part of the 16th annual Hands on San Diego which is in turn part of Volunteer San Diego.

Spending a half day clearing out dead brush and hauling reinforced concrete and other dumped metal objects was an enjoyable way to spend the day even if I have some muscles reminding me that they don't usually get that sort of workout.

I picked up my folding chairs and cot from buddy Brent's now overcrowded new digs on the way home. Opting out of the free baseball game, I decided to turn into a people with a very well earned shower and shampoo before taking the knitting along on the walk down for an evening out at the Shake's.

I did try to get in a bit of knitting yesterday during the lunch break and later in the day but there was a lot more frogging than progress as every attempt to turn the short rows created a sharper turn than the original side.

That sharp turn is consistent with the original design idea but I'd already decided to go off on a design detour. Today's knitting went much better and I should be ready to cross the next design decision about what to do with the back and rest of the bottom.

On the first side the yarn ran out about 3.5 inches short of the desired length. As you can see, I can block this sucker into being the bottom up diagonal I originally had in mind but I don't like to rely on blocking to make a piece work.
This is the non-blocked first side that shows why I shifted gears and started thinking necklines and natural arm hole shaping. The second photo shows the second side's midday progress and how I'm seeing these two forming the garment.

Since my well worn Havianas are literally within a quarter inch or so of holey heels I've been scouting out local replacement options hoping to have new ones before the final blow out.

On Sunday's walk home from the Whistlestop, I spotted some buckets of flip flops inside Maeve Riley and stopped to take a second look and they sure looked like Havianas to me. A phone call yesterday confirmed that I had found my in the hood replacement source and at good price too -- so good that I got two pairs and may go back and indulge myself with two more fun colours.

I thought I'd be clever and take the camera along to do the documenting of the route that Sunday's media meltdown thwarted. I wasn't clever enough to check the battery level so while I got another five miles of walking in toward the weekly total, I didn't get the pictures.


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