06 January 2007

Bits and bobs

Blogging has been on my list of things to do for the last couple of weeks. Clearly being on a list does not translate into getting done and I have been mentally composing things but somehow sitting down and writing has not been priority one.

This weekend is the first Sunday of the month so there should be knitting and drinking at The Whistlestop this afternoon but I probably won't be part of the mix. Instead I'll be looking like a mature responsible adult at a local alumni event at the University Club. In theory since the knitting starts at 2:30 and the other event at 4, I could so both but the dress code's a bit different.

I finished knitting what I've come to refer to as Chris' Elegant Ribbing Wristlets. The design took three three attempts and lots of gnashing of teeth before I got it right.

In other strange small projects, I finished a prototype thong project.
It made for a less than Norman Rockwell Christmas moment and I'm not totally happy with the design but it is an improvement over the bikini I did some years back.

Plenty of other projects are still on hold while I play with a knitted cube just because I can.
I'm also mucking about with a double knit chequebook cover from Noro Ganpi Ababka. The double knitting technique has some very real appeal for use with hand dyed yarns even if the small scale of this project doesn't really have legs.


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