30 November 2006

Saint Andrew's day, some socks and a bit of history

Today is Saint Andrew's day. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland. He's got a few other patronages as well including, of all places, the diocese of Grand Rapids Michigan.

In the associated diseases side of the saint biz, Andrew gets sore throats and gout which is not bad considering that George is associated with plague, skin diseases and syphilis. David gets a pass on diseases and Patrick only has snake bites to contend with.

Recent events beyond the mile marker birthday have sucked me back into my past. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Indeed, lots of the people and places in my past are still either very much a part of my present or at least an important part of what got me to this place.

It amazes me how many of my cryptic notes on old calendar pages act like a way-back machine for me. Some mystery entries have me puzzled and others just make me smile. I may not know who the "scum sucking dog" was who jilted me in August of 1984, but I like the fact that I characterised him that way then. I like the me I was and I recognise her in me now and that's really not a bad thing at all.

The mini-sock came about from a recent conversation that has me twisting the phrase
"Put a sock in it" into put a sock on it. Whether the other party would see the humour is unknown, but I did get to use up the last of that Crazy Stripes sock yarn and practice a wing it short row heel and round toe.


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