26 November 2006

Hunky hurrahs or replacement not required

The pedometer says I logged 10.4 miles of walkabout today even if its read is, per usual, low, I think I managed to make my weekend mileage goal.

I decided to walk to Old Town and/or out to Rosecrans and Midway. Part of the motivation was that last Sunday I'd made a stop in at The Shepherdess and while I didn't have a strong visual memory of having the missing digital camera there, it was one of the few places last week where I shuffled stuff about and might have misplaced it. In a stretch goal I was also thinking about tempting myself with Greek diet busting favourites at Georgia's or just indulging in music browsing at The Music Trader.

I didn't blow the diet or browse for CDs but my I did buy beads, books and was rewarded with the discovery that indeed, my hunky chunky digital camera had spent the holiday week in the shop.

Camera collected, I walked home through Middletown, up the Laurel Street hill into Banker's Hill, Hillcrest & home.


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