10 December 2006

DNA done, retail therapy and a sense of warmth

One year past original target deadline, I'm pleased to report that the DNA scarves are blocking in the studio/stash room.

The yarn (Cleckheaton Country 8 ply) is machine washable but last night's late night laundering involved hand washing with lavender shampoo.

The neck ribbing might be a bit on the short side but I can always do a second "weighted" blocking to address that issue if it continues to worry me.

The current blocking effort has them measuring about 64 to 66 inches long and 8 inches wide in the seed/cable segment.

I've arguably a entire sweater's worth of the beige/khaki remaining (9 full 96m hanks and a partial). I've not decided its fate. With so much remaining, it may well find itself in the destash/swap column as it seems a shame to whittle/fritter it away on smaller projects.

Oddly, unless I've some undiscovered cache, I've only a couple of hanks of the denimy blue remaining. Its fate will depend upon whether more appears or not in the coming weeks.

The mohair moebius from last week yarn is from King Cole Luxury Mohair left over from the shawl I knit for my cousin Vera. The jewel tones of the Florence colourway remind me more of the colours of blooming heather than Italy. And while the jewel tones would not be unwelcomed by the intended recipient, the fact of the matter is that she prefers warm colours and she shall have them.

A shop the stash scan wasn't stunningly successful, yesterday, while some San Diego knitters were clicking away in Balboa Park at the San Diego Knit Together, I went to La Jolla for
stash enhancement and spending.

I had an inspiration piece (a long languishing design that still isn't quite working) along for the ride. Here's a shot of the warmth that resulted from colour consults at Knitting in La Jolla (thanks Kate & Suzanne) and impulse purchasing at Helga's.

The newcomers include some Colinette mohair in the Sahara colourway, Lang Thalja, Artful Yarns broadway, Debbie Bliss Pure Silk and a single skein of a glorious colour of Lang Venezia. In the weeks to come these will combine in some form or another with the stash's Araucania nature wool, Garn Studio Cotton Viscose, Lane Borgosesia Torreador and some mystery yarn. I'm hoping for something wonderful to bring just the right touch of warmth to a dreary Cleveland Winter.

My inspiration yarn was some Crystal Palace Merino Frappe but the pumpkin puree colour I'd previously purchased was not on offer and its nearest colour successor combined too much of the jewel tones to suit me.

Other things that insisted on coming home with me include the Rama buttons that will likely never be used as "functional" buttons and a few other surprises. More on the surprises at a later date.

While I was in La Jolla, I did stop in a number of shops in search of a few ready made garments to fill some gaps in the wardrobe.

The weight loss that disappeared last weekend when I couldn't get motivated to move is now reality so I'm over halfway toward my preferred weight. I want to reward myself for the achievement but I'm not keen on significant spending for interim sizing/fit.
So while I was tempted by a grey flannel skirt at Talbot's, my shopping excesses were confined to yarn.

Craft fair at the Whistlestop today, the weather's perfect for walkabout knitting and I may have finally wrapped my brain around the stitch pattern I want to use for another overdue highly portable knitting project. Those factors may find me in South Park shortly, unless I give in to the run other errands temptation.

I did some web page updates today with more to come as I add shops, correct business hours etc.


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