17 January 2007

Covers and cubes

I finished the knitted cube before heading down to TNNA on Thursday . Each of the six sides is about 10 cm or 4 inches square.

Knitted curiosity, teaching tool, sculptural work, bit or something to keep the knitting fingers nimble or a way to use the polygon project sample up -- all are valid views.

When my slightly sliced finger heals a bit more I'd like to knit a few of these in one or more types of wire or other material that doesn't need reinforcement, stuffing or starching to hold its shape.

I live approximately four miles from the San Diego Convention Center. On site parking is $8 with no on and out privileges. Parking in the Gaslamp area is so iffy that even the business association has "insider parking tips."

While I have no trouble walking there, if I'm losing daylight a walk back can be a very bad idea. So I've figured that the best way to do a show there is to do the public transit thing and either trolley it to Washington Street and the #10 bus (and maybe pop in for a pint at the Shake's) or catch the #7 up Park Boulevard. At $4.50 round trip this is a bargain.

The Transit store sells day passes that allow for unlimited rides on MTS buses and the trolley and I opted for a 4 day pass at $15 because it is a good deal and a lot easier than exact fare.

So on Friday when I walked down for the Galleria & Fashion show I stopped off at the Transit Store to buy a 4-day pass and activate it. Since I was still running a bit early, I opted to stop in at The Field for a pre-Galleria pint or two.

I usually only get to The Field when I'm downtown for an event at the convention center, jury duty, or shopping at Horton Plaza. I have, on occasion, been to The Field on other occasions and done myself a bit of a mischief. I limit that behaviour these days. But The Field does factor in to my TNNA weekend and at least some of it involves TNNA knit content.

On Friday, I found an open spot at the bar and was knitting away on the Ganpi Abaka project while waiting.

A rather less patient gentleman next to me was trying to order drinks and convince his visiting friend (who I caught a brief glimpse of) to drink up, hurry up and head over to some eatery with oysters and apparently a happy hour that only lasts an hour. The establishment and the local friend's name (might have been Bob) are not stored in memory but I do know that his sister's name is Heather.

Apparently the visiting friend was in town for TNNA, in publishing and although local friend invited me over and promised a business card and intro, they were gone before I headed over to the Galleria/Fashion Show.


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