23 January 2007

Fashionable Fridays

After leaving The Field on Friday night, I made my way down 5th toward
the convention center and joined a group waiting to cross the tracks and
street. Our way was blocked by a train that had apparently already done
a couple of forward and back maneuvers none of which had made the way
clear for pedestrians or traffic.

At the convention center, helpful staff directed the Mary Kay and TNNA
crowd to different escalators. No, no one mistook me for a happy pink lady.

The Galleria is well named as it feels a bit like an art gallery (think
small boutique gallery) with panel displays. The idea is graze, gather,
view and bide your time until the fashion show.

Although there was no discussion of Michelangelo there was much coming
and going as the grazing and greeting was in full bloom.

I was more interested in the meet and greet aspect of the event. I was
also interested in the fashion show if only to see the range of what's
getting published.

I got a chance to at least say hey to plenty of locals and visiting
knitting luminaries (no long list of name dropping here) before taking a
gander at the Galleria which was nearing in tear down mode.

Once inside, my eyes immediately went to the Kollage display because I
was really curious about commercially available corn yarn. While there
wasn't a hank to handle, there was a design by Melissa Leapmann
prominently displayed so I had at least one name to ask how the material
worked up.

Fashion show? I missed quite a bit of it. The event was very well staged
but with 120 plus garments (and a lamp shade) in the show I wouldn't
have had the patience to sit through it all under the best of
circumstances. Since the event is a group exercise with lots of
different contributors, it is very clear that knitting is a big tent
with plenty of room for different styles.

Afterward, I noticed that the Mary Kay folks not only had the big fuffy
hat thing happening but they also had a band. Instead of trying to
infiltrate the ranks of the well coifed, I joined another group of
industrious types working their way through the Great Wall of Yarn &
Thread before heading home via transit. While waiting for the #10 bus in
Old Town, I was glad that I'd stowed my fingerless gloves in my bag.

Just to add a bit of knitting content, here's a look at the finished tiny needle project that still has me pondering cast on choices and wondering why it is that I always seem to mis-knit one (and only one) stitch when I doubleknit.


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