30 November 2007

Raining on my parade

Evil girl kitty aka Kali, may not be the easiest cat to live with but her litter box training is ingrained so, when earlier in the week she showed signs of inappropriate behaviour, I knew a trip to the vet was in order.

Yesterday I took her in and worked at home after. This morning I started the fight over antibiotics pending while awaiting the lab results.

The morning meds fight combined with the rain to make for a nasty in bound commute. It took an hour to make the 23 mile trip North and much of my drive time looked much like this pic.

Today's news on the kitty front was that, indeed, she has another bladder/urinary tract infection. At 17 it's only her second ever -- not too shabby and pretty good indicator that even though I may have done a few things right in her care and feeding over the years.

More worrisome was the news that she has enough kidney damage to trigger a CRF diagnosis. CRF in this case means Chronic Renal Failure and it's the same thing that killed her brother the much mellower Maka Hupo.

If she can persuaded to shift to an RX diet the progression of the disease might be delayed but the outcome isn't going to change. Lately I'm not loving November news but the first order of business is getting her over the current condition and monitor her health as the underlying disease progresses.

Shifting gears to the knitting front, between Tuesday's tire travails and yesterday's while waiting knitting, I got the orange tam done and ready for its closeup. It follows the same construction as the Borjana beret before it and it is in the same gauge yarn as the beige and the blue before it.

To review, that's pentagon to circle all the way to the desired diameter and then decreases following one of the circle recipes back to ribbing. No blocking required for shaping but no clear canvas of stitches sans increase/decreases to do colour work.


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