14 November 2007

Just in case you wondered or wish list moments

The Container Store catalog & Knitpicks both arrived in the mail the other day and my wish list musings began in earnest. My wish list isn't a suggestion for others sort of thing -- good thing that since my "others" are few, far between and dwindling. If any of those few get the hint, great, but I've been my own best Santa for a long time and I'm good with that.

I love The Container Store -- no, really. I've always been a fan of gizmos and gadgets designed to help organise your stuff. A piece of me understands that this is a losing battle but I still like things that you can put other things into and believe in the holy grail of perfect organisation systems.

Several years ago, when a store opened here in San Diego, I made a couple of major shopping trips to organise the stash and put some systems together to keep bills and other stuff from disappearing into the hell hole that is often my office.

Since one of my odd family gift giving traditions has been of the kewl stocking stuffer variety -- small thoughtful gifts that get absorbed into daily life and are a more constant reminder of the relationship long after the big gift has broken or otherwise lost it's provenance.

My The Container Store gifts to my mum got so popular with her that not only was I buying for her but also for her as in "You know those wonder paper soap things you bought me last year? Could you please buy an assortment for me to give to other people?" I'll took that as a nice affirmation that I give good gift.

Besides the sort out you life stuff, The Container Store also has quite a bit of fun odd ball stuff that is just the ticket for the stuffing of stockings or the small gift a day over the course of 8 that this time of year brings to mind.

Before the you can buy almost anything on the internet mail order catalogues filled that same odd shopping niche.
My mother was big on shopping from catalogues and from her hits and misses in the gift giving arena I came to get a glimpse into how broad a range of products can be had from an insane array of catalogues.

There's lots of overlap with up market sources carrying the same items as the kitsch korners like Harriet Carter, Lillian Vernon and scores of others I've yet to stumble upon. The upmarket sources, of course, tend to up the price tag. So when the catalogue comes I mark my for me, good for others and can I get the same damn thing somewhere else for less picks and then I stew a bit, revisit and plan a buying binge.

On the KnitPicks front, I've not been an early or even a late adopter/devotee of their stuff and my experience with their needles has been mostly a yes, needles can actually be too damned sharp, but needles, not yarn are the budget busters for me so just a few more in the 6 and under cable needle variety could be just the ticket. Also in the mix is Knit Kimono. Yes, I know I can and have designed my own but I like the book and have been trying to match it up with a Borders coupon for months now without success.

So if any of the gift givers are reading this -- think gift certificate and KnitPicks -- more tools for me means more knit stuff for you.


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