17 October 2007

Bamboo, Baseball & an Ohio public knitting surprise.

First the bamboo, I never did find any in Cleveland so I continued with the knit both leg warmers in tandem to make sure I didn't run out of yarn and short one.

I did a spiral 3x2 ribbing that I mirrored on the two leg warmers. In the bamboo section, I did sort of random cable crossings in the 5 stitch section of the 5x3 ribbing.

My brief was to not make them too slouchy, so they really just cover ankle to knee. I didn't spiral the top ribbing and I also didn't decrease back down as I had an inkling that doing so would cut off the top of the calf. I actually went up a needle size at the end. Between that needle size increase and the super stretchy bind off, I got a lovely ruffle action going.

Onto baseball, even before I went out to Cleveburg, I was really enjoying the success of the Indians.

Just days before the trip, I spotted a Jeep with a Chief Wahoo wheel cover parked on Normal Street near the DMV. The last time I was in the Cleveland area when the Indians were part of the post season action, the tribe was winning until I left town. Some die-hard Indians fans jokingly or not, suggested that my departure was a form of fan betrayal.

I was concerned that history might repeat, but for the record, I can't really be held accountable for whatever happens since they did lose one to the Yankees (aka Satan according to the cockpit on the flight back from Cleveland) before I left town. They've redeemed themselves since and I'm still enjoying the ride. My door is happily decorated with a politically incorrect Chief Wahoo luggage tag from Uniquely Ohio to show my loyalties.

On Friday the 5th after taking leave of Borjana and Barney, I went over to Case, had lunch with Miss Jean and then sorted out where and how I was to register me and Eileen for the Alum stuff. It wasn't the easiest thing to figure out and it took longer than it might have done but I got it sorted and in a had I but known moment, could have saved myself a few coins and headaches with a parking permit -- pish.

When I phoned to check on plans, I found that Abby's cold had moved from her to Libby, to Eileen by Friday, so the reshuffle of the House of Blues and law cocktail party was academic and I rolled back to Hudson rather than down to the Flats.

On Saturday, while the rest of the household was doing ballet, I walked to downtown Hudson, did a bit of shopping and knitting -- mostly knitting. It was hot and the walk was about a five mile round tip but I'm a resilient sort even if I did manage a wet flip flop blister.

The Village of Hudson had a whole go pink promotion going on for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

As part of that, Hudson's own LYS Miss Chickpea's Funky Fibers was holding a "knit in" on the green. Since it coincided with my walkabout I ambled over and agreed to knit at least one chemo cap for the effort. While on the green, I spotted an unexpected sight -- the lovely Ludmilla. I knew that she'd moved back to the area but Hudson isn't a Cleveland Western 'burb so the encounter was decidedly kismet.

The other San Diego connection on the day was meeting Katherine the far too young to be the mother of a son stationed here in San Diego.


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