08 September 2007

Saturday in the Park

One of the things that San Diego's is known for is so called perfect weather.

San Diegians are also known as weather wimps.

One view is that some of us are and some of us aren't. Another view is that we probably all are but it's a sliding scale of wimpism.

This post shows evidence of the sliding scale of weather wimpism. For the record, I was not bundled up behind the camera so that's three out of four afternoon knitters agree that Julie's a weather wimp.

September is traditionally one of the warmer months of the year so a knit get together in the park should be a slather on the sun screen scene. In fairness to Julie, the shade and the breeze did make the late afternoon a much cooler event than earlier in the day.

However, she lives by the beach, as in near the water where it usually colder than it is in Balboa Park.

For a classic vision of LOL you have to check out Amber's reaction to Julie's plight. This image is my current mental image of LOL.

I was, per usual late getting out the door and over to the park so many other knitters had already gathered and gone but the company was good and the comedic relief was even better.

Meanwhile, I'm still in countdown to Cleveburg and vaguely disgusted with myself for not executing on the plan to return to the East nearly my old size and shape.

I was clicking around my radio buttons on the way home last week and heard a radio spot about local Curves locations looking for fitness study participants --
checked it out and there's a location near my work so I think I can fit it into the schedule between now and the Eastward trip.

While the whole promo
might be a marketing ploy to get membership, if it gets my ass in gear and into a smaller gear I'm all in favour. I start Monday and we'll see how it goes.


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