06 September 2007

Sunsets and Sanseido

First a bit of eye candy. This is a shot of the sunset from behind Saint Spyridon that I took walking back from Whistlestop knitting on the 2nd.

It's a pretty church attended by many people I know and also home to _the_ annual Greek festival in San Diego

I've always been slightly amused by the fact that the cross street is Cypress -- it's a geographic, social history sort of thing and not botany. The fact that I feel I need to spell that out is a whole 'nother thing.

These are the titles I picked up at Mitsuwa/Sanseido. If you go in search of books on knitting or on crochet be forewarned that they are all intermixed on a shelf labelled crochet.

If you're a beader, there's more temptation in the same general area beyond the fact that you could clearly use the crochet chart diagrams as beading diagrams.

One of the books which is clearly all about crochet is part of the "let's knit series" -- go figure.

This is the one I bought mostly for my "teach me, teach me" co-worker crowd. I'm a new enough hook handler that I need reinforcements for me and students so this is a good choice.

Also in the go figure category is how in one of the books some characters that, in context, would appear to be contact/address information have been translated as naughty.

For additional adventures in less than on point translation, you can use Google's beta Japanese to English translation tool to translate the sanseido books web page.

I'm going to try to stay comfortably away from Mitsuwa and Senseido until after I get back from Cleve-burg.

In other totally unrelated new, the 2007 Rugby World Cup begins tomorrow. I'm not feeling warm and fuzzy about catching too many of the fixtures -- grump.

On the Cleve-burg front, the Tribe's doing well and looking good for the playoffs -- sorry rabid fans I won't be around to carry them through but I'm hoping for good post season beisboll into 'merican football in the dawg pound.


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