24 August 2007

Girl gone guildless?

I'm going to be guild-less soon. No, I'm not dropping out and I probably will re-up come January but I have my reservations.

It's a calendar thing.

September's big guild and subgroup meetings have the usual mix of work day conflicts without enough draw/interest for me to take time off to attend.

The only evening option, Knitnite, is being supplanted with a Sally Melville class called Advanced Shaping. I'm not signed up.

Knitnite nights are very long days for me starting with a 23 mile commute to a full work day, a 30 minute drive across the mesas to La Jolla and then home. I typically get home around 9pm and more often than not, I'm having my first meal of the day after that.

For some classes and teachers I'm willing to substitute general comaraderly for a paid class, for others I'm not. This one's in the not column. That said, the North Coast Knitters web page has a list of the classes that are still open on September 5th and 6th.

October's big guild meeting does have the October stash sale happening and Judy Stinton's presentation of Silk Painting (I'm a fan of Judy's work she's at Studio 37 in Spanish Village at Balboa Park but I'll be in Cleveland.

November's big guild meeting is on Knitted Sculpture and Knitted jewlery. Yeah, it's the same workday issue but that's a subject near and dear to my heart.

Looking around the studio I can see wire shoes, wire torsos, paper lace shoes, knitted cubes, knitted flowers, the ever popular knitted dreidel, various knitted jewelry bits and where is that copper wire knitted bowl? I know for a fact that I have more than a few knitted animal parts
that just want sewing and stuffing and even more photos of same.then there's the skull, the wiggy thing and I'm seeing a boring trend.

You might think that this would be a no-brainer why not strut stuff sort thing for me but I'm not so sure. Yes, I could _be_ the program or at least one of the presenters but I'm not. Haven't been asked, probably was never even considered and perhaps there's the rub.

Based on what I've seen in the newsletter it's not an organised presentation type of programme but rather a bring out your weird stuff casting call and I get the general impression that more than one or two examples would not be welcome and I'm not at all sure that anything I might have would be of interest/welcome.

I don't really like that sense of disconnect of being in the guild but not of the guild but I don't really have a solution.

Of course, if I start the Master's programme I'm researching, the whole business may become moot as I'll have even less space in my calendar.

Meanwhile I'll keep doing my only slightly fish out of water walkabout to Whistlestop and other local knitting events and do a bit of hmm, who can I visit in greater Ann-Cleve-burgh in September/October. The Cleve is, of course Cleveland, the burgh is Pittsburgh and the newly added Ann is for I'm assured is really not too far to drive to visit Ann Arbor.

Knitting content soon -- no, no, really


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