12 August 2007

I had every good intention of ambling over to the San Diego Knit Together yesterday but by the time I finally got one foot in front of another any knitters who had been in the park were long gone.

had every good intention of executing on my plan to get back to dropping the bad habits and the pounds but once again I slid off the rails -- sigh.

I did finish off a few more bits of wire weirdness between yesterday and today's ramble. The ramble took me up Park Blvd where you'll find the lovely vintage shop of Frock You.

I dropped in at the ever changing but most recently always Asian influenced import shop at the intersection of Park, El Cajon Blvd and Washington before detouring down El Cajon Blvd for this shot of yet another San Diego neighbourhood street signs before a meandering tour of U Heights.

My plan to get a photo of the U Heights street sign got sidetracked so I guess I'll just have to ramble back that way and beyond on a book store browse tour.

The sight of this guy standing outside a small neighbourhood market has charmed for years. He sort of reminds me of an uncharged Reddy Kilowatt

So what was I knitting? Wire, kynar, red this time. I went from Saturday's knitted wire balls to a pentagon to star to flower piece.

Just for fun I doubled the number of stitches when I got out to the desired size. With twice the number of stitches, I did twice the number of short row points (10 rather than 5).

When I finished the lot, I did a second set for short row points that were off set from the original before decreasing back down to close the loop and finish up with the green again in icord.

The second round of short row points looks a bit wonky in a couple of places and it might have been better to do a decrease round and second doubling round before doing the additional 10 short row points but it isn't horrible as is.

The icord has a very nice quality to it. I think that it would do very nicely with "Viking knitting" as well but I'd just as soon icord it and leave out the pull plate.

Given some of the prices I've seen for Viking knit jewelry, I may have to dust off my silver wire and get a different sort of retail therapy going.

In working the flower, I added beads along the way back down. I plan to add more to the face of the piece by just looping the beads on with the red wire ends rather than knitting them in.

When I doubled the number of stitches I was expecting a ruffle. I suspect that probably would have happened if I'd been working with
something other than this particular wire.


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