04 August 2007

Duh moment of the week. Not counting my not catching my dyslexic finger fumbling of the word catching, my duh vote of the week is for the "DUI ONE" vanity plate I saw the other day. Some how I'm just seeing this one as a bait the CHP message to be avoided not embraced.

When I mentioned to a co-worker that I felt a little guilty about knitting for Roopa but not knitting for her when she was pregnant with her son she said she'd like me to teach her. If you want to learn to knit you only have to ask me once.

The super hunky-chunky white cotton I used to teach knitting at our Stitch n Pitch game was too chunky for most of my knitting needles so I made a quick stop into the local Michael's and picked up these adorable needles. Designed for kids they are just too cute and a good match for the hunky chunky cotton.

The second half of the cheque book cover was closing in on the divide and bind off pocket length at the start of the day so the only way to know for certain when it reached that point was to carry both sides for comparison and a spare needle to do the stitch division.

I shoved a wine cork onto each end of the three needles required and tucked the lot into my bag. The wine corks do help keep the knitting needles from poking through fabric and into skin but not reliably. I cast about a bit looking for a rubber band or other doesn't require real engineering device to keep the lot together but all in my immediate reach came up short.

I was thinking thumb tacks and elastic but wasn't inspired to start another potentially fruitless search especially since I was so late getting out the door. Look for more on taming for safe transport the dangerous beasts that are lace weight dps with readily available household items.

Active working project for walkabout was a green kynar wire cube that started life that morning as a centre out Maltese Cross square.

Working on it, I got the somewhat mad idea of doing a series of small cubes connected with icord to form a bracelet or necklace. When I finally ran out of wire and folded it up I was even more intrigued by the jewelry potential.

Did it get attention? Well, yeah, duh. Lots of what's it going to be, even more why and then there's the short and smallish double point factor.

Not every one appreciates the idea of a silly little bit of sculpture just because as much as I do but I did happen upon two Camp Surf Counselors who, being the arts and crafts sorts, got it.

One of the two is planning to live in work in South America and hoping to incorporate crafts/textiles into her teaching. We talked about knitted soccer balls and other likely projects as well as other good stuff including her recent exposure (positive, of course) to traditional Hawaiian culture).

As I headed out from the books store down 5th I was glad I'm also lobbed a cardigan into the bag as the day was starting to cool down. When I reached the end of the spool I had some concern about when I'd be able to continue. I hadn't found any additional spools and last week's check into Radio Shack turned up no wire to be had.

So I switched gears to the cheque book cover which continued the almost there, almost there, almost there endless knitting mode.

Round about I made my way down to Laurel, and then looped back a bit to follow First most of the way back into Hillcrest.

In an unexpected knitting moment, I found this display of yarn in the dollar days section of the local Rite-Aid.
This is the same Rite-Aid where you can find Singer brand knitting supplies. The yarn is acrylic, from China and fairly fine gauge. No clue on the yardage but at 2 for $3 it was worth purchasing a couple of balls if only for the novelty factor.

As I'd heard some good reviews about the current Vogue Knitting mag, I checked in at the local newsstand to see if their reasonable selection of knitting mags had Vogue Knitting in the mix again.

No joy on that front, but I did snag a July/August Piecework and reminded myself to check/update my subscriptions.

Just as I was finishing up the five mile trek and rolling home the cheque book cover finally reached the divide and bind off pocket length.

After two attempts of fighting the needles and attached yarn while mobile, the project and the rest of the knitting got a time out while I finally tackled some of the long over due laundry and other bits of drudgery.


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