01 August 2007

Guilded again and off to Inida

When I left home this morning as far as I knew I needed to work at home on Thursday to accommodate planned electrical work in the apartment complex (read make sure my computers don't lose power unexpectedly).

Roopa is returning home to India on Friday and, given the work at home day on Thursday, I wasn't sure how many opportunities I'd have to finish and deliver the 2x twine and co-ordinating cell phone cosy before she left .

Given those two constraints, I wasn't planning to attend tonight's Knitnite when I left home this morning. Since September's Knitnite will be a Sally Melville class that I'm taking and I won't be in town for October's Knitnite, I was looking at a pretty long gap between guild events.

When I discovered that the electrical work was postponed and Roopa would be in the office all week making delivery options more flexible, I was pleased to be able to get one last guild outing in before November.

Not a huge turn out but a good time and this posting is mostly snaps of the FOs that are heading home with Roopa on Friday.

Despite the fact that I have no current source for the near day glo orange hemp that I used for the mesh section of 2x twine, I will be reproducing the pattern for both of these in the coming months.

It is very clear that I won't be lacking test knitters and/or pattern purchasers so consider these snaps teasers for now and if you find a source of that hemp do let me know.


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