12 July 2007

Girl gone guild

Finally, she posts and there might even be knitting content. Last night was Knitnite and there was a parking situation at the JCC. I blame sports.

In theory we were meeting in a different room than usual so when I came in at about the same time as Judy Gibson, we went upstairs and to the left rather than right (as directed) only to find that the change of plans/venue seemed to have shifted back.

Fortunately the group was, in fact, in the usual room. Not a bad turn out and a new member to boot.

I did my Stitch n Pitch pitch/update to the group, rounded up a few more possible volunteers for the goodie bag stuffing party before joining the knitted bag theme by sharing my girlie water bottle cosy and 2x twine in addition to the finished heptagon ring bearer pillow.

The day/big guild has more structure than Knitnite and the idea is that you fill out a slip describing your show and share item(s). The idea is that then you can see your name in the newsletter as in Knitter Nancy showed a cardigan designed by X, from magazine/book/web page Y and knit in yarn Z. The design's special features included A, B & C techniques.

I'm still not quite domesticated enough to write a short blurb on my own somewhat whack job designs. I'm almost more comfy with nothing in the newsletter but I know that I need to expand the shameless self promotion, expand the audience and all that jazz.

Anyhow, you could tell which folks had recent had their brains in the storm drain (aka mind in the gutter) by their reactions to the painfully pink girlie girl water bottle cosy. Borat, delusions of grandeur (read elephantitis of specific body parts) and visions of the upcoming gay pride parade and festival seemed to be the go to the gutter reference.

The other side saw the female torso and potential for breast cancer fundraising. Missy miss the bamboo knitter of Whistlestop knitting is crazy enough to be doing the Breast Cancer 3 day walk (yeah, yeah, yeah, me too 5 years ago) and just like me the fund raising is the big challenge, so while I was originally thinking just gift (double duty for water carry & tent ID) in addition to the loan of a headlamp and some coaching on blisters and training I'm leaning toward helping with the other hurdle.

Today was back at the day job grind but, being Thursday it was also my check in with the Padres group sales guy (aka Nick the nice) to see where our numbers are, the trend and get a handle on the latest crisis craziness. No it isn't a big bad thing but every event seems to have starting and last little bit pains. This is year two of the event in San Diego and the committee, shops, groups and the Padres are still on a learning curve of how to build this event and make that perfect double play more perfect.


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