25 June 2007

Time flies

I have a tendency to collect old boyfriends which is to say that even though for one reason or another we didn't end up as the forever after couple, we're still circling around each others' lives.

Sometimes that's not the best thing. Sometimes it has been down right scary but mostly it is a good thing . One of the benefits is that some of them have this habit of remembering things I've long forgotten.

Last Wednesday's voicemail included one of those great examples. The usual make me laugh motivation to call involves Sand Run park, the stream that crosses the road and a Volvo.

It's the usual because the driver of the Volvo in question still lives in the general area and drives through there from time to time. And yes, all these years later, I still remember and still feel more than a bit smug about the he should have listened to me aspect of the whole thing.

Wednesday's voicemail was a bit farther afield and something I had completely forgotten. In and around Columbus, Ohio, the Ohio Historical Society has a place called the Ohio Village. It's the usual give history a daily life perspective theme thing with volunteers (I think) reenacting.

I always liked the place and since Columbus was not an unusual outing it often made the itinerary. I have a vague memory of trooping around with this old flame. The more vivid memory has to do with family restaurants and feeling decidedly less than corn fed and wholesome, but I digress.

It seems that on one of our visits they were putting together stuff/messages to the future for a time capsule. After a consult, we agreed on a common message that we both wrote and sent forward into some future time. Our well considered message? "We're dead." Yes, I was a smart ass in college too.

I have no idea when that capsule is slated to be opened. At 19 or 20 it seemed forever in the future but then again. so did a Summer.

The stars and pentagons project which was to be a knit block for the fair has been spending quality time in the knitting bag. It even has a few needles and some stitch holders attached. What it hasn't had is my attention because that was all later and could wait.

Later is tomorrow -- oops. I suppose I could shift gear, hope for a stroke of knitting genius and make it happen within the deadline but I think it's unlikely. Another not going to happen plan.

It did occur to me that I'd probably need to combine short rows and increases to make it morph but I haven't been inspired to put needles and yarn to the puzzle.

I have have a number of other pentagon projects that aren't quite on target. The 2xtwine bag's handle straps (now a unistrap) were supposed to come out of a two sided pentagon that would not only join handles to body of bag but also act as change purse, cell phone pocket or some such.

Still like the idea, but the implementation continues to have issues.

My runagogo mileage is 29-30 miles shy of my personal goal of 400 miles for rounds 1 & 2 combined.

My 11 miles on the weekend is a pretty pathetic showing -- at least as pathetic as me losing focus so that I'm once again losing the same weight I lost in February -- pish.


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