03 June 2007

Cables, dye lots and more on a Rock n Roll marathon weekend

Rock n Roll marathon woke me up around 6am but I managed to block the noise and catch a few more hours of sleep before facing the day.

On the Casual Cables front, I found the Berber Cotton cache in the STASH room. In finding it I also uncovered a familiar but not terribly welcome twist to the story -- dye lot issues.

Yup, this one just like the pentagon sleeves project has a dye lot issue.

I have two different dye lots of that particular Berber Cotton and nothing to indicate which I used originally.
The remaining centre pull don't have the ball bands hiding at the their core (note to other knitters don't neglect this step -- stuff your ball bands).

I worked the sweater with the yarn doubled so I could resolve the issue by just blending the two dye lots by winding one of each into a single centre pull (courtesy of my trusty GoKo).

Another option is to frog back a bit more to the point where I untwisted my stitches (twisted stitches in cables -- another post for another time) and just go with my instinct about which dye lot was used.

Regardless of the choice I will be making my centre pulls from two hanks combined rather than individual centre pulls. And that's one of the places where my GoKo shines. Unlike a traditional umbrella swift, I can put several different hanks on the swift at the same time. Whether I'm staging them to wind them into individual balls or, in this case combine the only restriction is having hanks of the same size.

I staged the two hanks of dye lot 24 (as opposed to 22) before getting ready to walk over to Whistlestop knitting. I won't really be ready to start the reknitting process until I swatch to figure out what needle size matches up with the original knitting.

On the 07-07-07 front. The heptagon was waiting for a liner solution and today I decided that the solution was going to be a knitted one. Suitably enough a knitted one that combines something old (vintage Knit-Cro-Sheen from a thrift store) with the new mystery yarn.

The metallic Knit-Cro-Sheen is somewhat thinner than the cream coloured thread of the topper so I'll be knitting more rounds to get the right dimension.

The sharp points of the needles are taking their toll on the tip of my left index finger so even though the hemp of the 2xtwine project is rough on the hands, the blunt Addi Turbo tips will be a relief on my finger tips and let them heal up enough to get back to another project pending on sharp needles.


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