13 May 2007

Bloody 'ell or not a good week for fingers

Lots of people think that walkabout knitting is dangerous. Some say that they couldn't possibly do both things (knitting and walking) at the same time. Some feel that while others might have the ability they are too unco-ordinated to combine walking and knitting.

I've pooh-poohed this notion many a time because, while I am capable of great grace, I'm also a total klutz who can stumble over air. I'm a big believer in muscle memory and listening to the wisdom of your body but that doesn't mean anyone's immune from bone stupid brain dead moments.

Sunday night, post Whistlestop knitting, was a perfect duh dumb such example. Sometime after arriving home, I realised that the cupboard, while not wholly bare, needed a bit of bolstering and a walk up to the shops was in order.

Quick walk up to the store for dinner supplies. Just outside my apartment, while chattering with a friend on the cell phone, I juggled the bags to find my keys. I juggled very badly because while I found the keys, in the process I dropped the canvas bag containing the groceries.

The bag hits pavement. I hear the sound of breaking glass and like a total idiot, I put my hand into the bag. I feel something sort of sharp and I pull my hand back quickly but not quickly enough. Suddenly I have two gushers -- the contents of bottle of wine that broke and my thumb.

Lots o lots o blood. Big drops, not showing signs of stopping. Still on the phone, I tell my pal that I need to hang up because I've just cut myself and need to deal with it.

So I take the unbroken and salvageable groceries out of the canvas bag, line them up on the wall and, bleeding all the way make the complex and my apartment. I grab a trash bag, go back outside and put canvas bag with broken stuff and the other groceries into the trash bag and take the lot back into my apartment.

I rinse my thumb, I start rummaging through the first aid kits, I'm still bleeding. I'm applying pressure. I've got gauze involved. I'm still bleeding. I'm starting to seriously wonder about when exactly my good coagulating genes are going to kick in and stop with the bleeding.

I find the butterfly bandages and try to apply one. It's my right thumb, of course and I'm right handed . This is not working well. So not working that the blood gushes out and renders the adhesive of the butterfly useless. I'm still bleeding. I've gone through multiple paper towels, pieces of gauze and I'm now down to wrap it in a mini pad and I'm still bleeding. I've tried salt water and it's not working.

Finally I've got a bit of gauze, some downward pressure on the wound and some superglue. Bit by bit I apply the superglue long enough to get something that starts to look like it might hold.

I do finally end up with a butterfly and another bandage on it courtesy of the clerk at a local convenience store but the hold was fragile and suddenly I'm playing a game of keep away with my dominant hand thumb.

Next day I mange to even the damage out a bit by giving myself a paper cut on the index finger of my left hand -- not so bloody an episode but equally knit not friendly.

Bloody bother not a lot of knitting on the week.


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