26 April 2007

Logs, lulls and links

Most mornings when I check the activity logs for my web page, the majority of the hits are for the San Diego yarn shops or local knitting events/groups pages. That focus and the relatively small number of hits is not a big surprise and reflects both the whole reason for the web page (promoting knitting in San Diego) and my low to no profile on public knitting forums.

When the logs started showing more and more hits related to shadow/illusion knitting, I added a small free starter chart to make the search engine result more rewarding and meaningful.

My knitted wire torsos have occasionally turned up as avatars and links in very odd places. Sometimes the links are fleeting and other times the blog or forum becomes a regular and familiar entry.

I can also always count on some additional seasonal traffic when I'm pretty much the only game in town when searching for knitted dreidels.

When I first mirrored the polygon seminar, I was pretty active on the old kbth and other lists so although I saw spikes in activity, the web page itself was pretty active.

Since I'm less active on lists and forums those spikes are a bit more of a surprise especially when I haven't done anything to bring attention to myself, my web page or my blog.

From time to time the polygon pages get attention from either a knitting forum or a blogger and I see a little more activity there but when I ran the logs for the 25th, I was initially convinced that the number reflected a problem with the server and not a spike.

But no, the hits are all about being mentioned on the Knitlist and what is either a lemming must click response or a genuine hunger for additional knitting information and inspiration. I'm not making a judgement either way but I'm going to try to at least be inspired to blog a bit more and use the additional hits to promote another San Diego knitting event which is the upcoming Stitch n Pitch game at Petco park.

Local or visitor, baseball fan or not, if you're a knitter, crocheter, stitcher, hand spinner, or if you've always wanted to learn, mark your calendars for 22 July and be part of the action.

And if you're feeling competitive, crafty, and not pressed for time, check out craftzine.com's Stitch n Pitch design contest -- how about a shadow knit symbol of your team loyalty?


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