06 April 2007

Sedentary Tendencies? Say it ain't so

A recent Knitter's Review poll asked readers whether they knit while taking walks.

Given my domain name, blog name and proclivity toward walkabout knitting, I was curious.

When I saw the actual poll I was a tad disturbed to see the choices and the associated number of votes.

The choices were
  • Absolutely not. It's logistically challenging, dangerous, and not all that appealing.
  • I could, but it doesn't appeal to me all that often.
  • Yes I do!
  • Not yet, but it's one of many knitting-related skills I hope to acquire.
Now, in order to view the results, you have to vote. So every time you check to see the results, you change them by voting which means the results are a bit skewed but I was shocked to see that when I last checked, the 1842 votes broke down with the vast majority either selecting the first two choices.

876 knitters (47.6% of 1842) voted that knitting and walking was logistically challenging, dangerous and not appealing.

Twaddle, I can knit lace while walking about 3mph and I'm a klutz.

558 knitters (30.3%) are capable of walking and knitting but don't.

That's nearly 80% voting for sedentary knitting. Yarn manufacturers rejoice! With that sort of attitude knitters will surely need to buy more yarn to cover their sedentary selves.

The number of walking knitters is a seriously paltry 8.5% or 156 knitters (and I know it is skewed high since I voted at least twice).

The wannabe walkabout knitters figures in at 13.5% or 252 knitters.

Compare this bit of polling to the folks participating in the mark our mileage challenge at Runagogo. My round 1 mileage was actually 155.5 miles not the 145-146 reported when I last updated. My round 2 totals are a bit lower than I'd like them to be but I'm gearing up and getting motivated.



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