16 March 2007

The bitch is. . . a surprisingly good wine

The grenache grape is not one that is familiar to me and the Barossa Valley wineries of Oz are mostly either off my grid or long distant memories. I'm getting more familiar with both. During a recent foray into the wine section of Baron's Marketplace, a wine called Bitch caught my eye.

Like a lot of people, I thought gag gift or conversation bottle. I even considered buying it and using it as the "bottle of scope" karma check for the person who left me hanging on, of all days, International Women's Day last week.

Then I did a Google search and found that not only does this grenache have panache, but this particular wine has some good wine reviews and people trying to find it to purchase and in . So if you're looking in the San Diego area, Barons Marketplace in Point Loma and Rancho Bernardo have it in stock. Both markets are a good place to find wines that get a nod from Winewaves.

Today was one of those major milestone
anniversary markers (5, 10, 20 whatever) that could could go either way on the emotional response day. Mostly, being just such a day, it didn't register with me except as a potential problem. But I always approach anniversary dates with caution. I don't like to have melt downs and I really don't like to have them in public.

Any plans to be super gentle to self by working at home went right off track as I scheduled some quality database simulations to get screen captures for the major under deadline projects. So I dragged myself North to the office only to have the plan for the day go South. Projects and priorities juggled and not a lot of knitting happened but I did make progress on other projects so there's a possibility that next week's race to the deadline won't be as bad as the one before SWest

I was more than half expecting a couple of phone calls -- one from high and dryer and another from either of the other two divas who dine on the outside chance I could connect up for lunch today so when I checked my phone I was surprised to find that either by intention or mistake I'd missed a call from my "twin" drinking buddy. He's in town and that means dinner and lots of catch up talking which will doubtless drive wait staff to distraction.

Throw in a phone call from Hawaii and it makes for a pretty good day that could have been pretty bad.


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