06 May 2007

Seis what and Whistlestop

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo. My only connections to the celebrations of the day involved eating pollo asada and knitting a five (cinco) sided swirling salmon polygon while on walkabout.

When the salmon coloured pentagon was last seen, it had 10 stitches on a side and I saw real possibilities for its future. Based on yesterday's knitting, I can honestly say that my not needing to move the increase points was somewhat misguided and misleading. The increases continue to be at the start (or if swirling the other way end) of each side of the pentagon but where the side starts shifts because of the short rows.

In the first photo, the red twist tie marks the original start of a round of knitting. Would that I had purled that first round to make it pop but I didn't and I was not about to frog an experiment. Instead the shifted polygon formed from the short rows is indicated by the yellow headed pins.

The yellow headed pin to the left of the twist tie, which is also the pin at the top of the photo, marks the new starting point of the round. With the increases now shifted to the new start of the round, I continued knitting until I had double the stitches on a side (20). This time, to mark the swirl point, I purled one round before beginning the short row points/segments.

I still have 20 stitches on a side but what constitutes a side has once again shifted as has the start of the round.

The first pentagon was 3 inches tall/wide. The second one (marked with the yellow pins) is 4 inches,

The third one (being the 20 stitches on a side before short rowing) is a hair under 7 inches and the after most recent short row treatment is a bit over 9 inches.

All of these measurement are without any coaxing/blocking. It wouldn't be terribly difficult to square this piece out at this point.

Whatever side I'd define as the base side would simply stay unworked or be bound off. The flanking sides of that base would get a bit of short rowing to create steep triangles
. The top sides would get the same short row treatment as before and to finish off the square. No, no, really -- I promise it really will work although I can't promise that it will work the first time through.

I'll be putting it on a circular and walkabout knitting to the Whistlestop on glorious sunny Sunday.

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