04 May 2007

Needle me this -- would notes help?

I frogged the body of the casual cables cardigan back to where I'd done the bind off for the sleeve under arms on the back and one front side. I figured that since the length was right I'd leave one side's knitting as is to help me gauge the progress of the redesign.

The stitches are all (and no I haven't counted them) just sitting there waiting to be scooped up onto a needle but it's been 5 years since I knit it and any notes I made on needle sized used are hiding and hiding well.

That scoop the stitches up thing is one of the few knitting magic tricks that used to boggle spouse's mind. Me knitting lace while walking was not worthy of comment, my design work no shock, my complaining about how fiddly the first few rounds when working in the round was inevitably met with a "you always complain and it always turns out perfectly" which was almost always true but when I would casually scoop stitches that had jumped off the needle, it was the stuff of wonder and always got a "how can you just do that???" Still makes me smile and feel a bit like a conjurer.

I think the photo shows a bit of how well the cables pop and why I'm loathe to just frog the whole thing. It's a nice bit of work and it would be nice to rehabilitate it and add it to the wardrobe and also to the live and learn file.

A piece of me isn't that upset that I don't know what size needles I used for this originally since I know that my knitting style has changed over time and I also know that this piece has been finished and machine washed and dried multiple times before being frogged back to this state.

I'm not in a huge hurry to get those stitches on a needle. They can sit and wait a bit while I decide what I want it to be in this incarnation and maybe even dig out the pattern for inspiration or just luck.


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