01 June 2007

June and logos

This weekend was supposed to be my 25th law school reunion. That's not exactly remarkable and, since I've never been to any of my other reunions (law school or otherwise), perhaps not even worthy of note.

But there are some additional factors that make it worth at least a blog entry.

Perhaps because I didn't go there as an undergrad, or more precisely as an undergrad to any of the blended schools that became the university, I'm not very emotionally connected to the university and its "branding". Other people are and there's been a bit of a controversy over a logo.

A few years back the university spend a bunch of time and bucks to rebrand and come up with a new logo. It probably took me a while to even note the change but I never saw the fat guy carrying a surf board that others saw and objected to.

Not, that is, until an alum event this Spring. Now, of course, I've not been able to look at that logo and not see fat guy with surf board heretofore known as FGWSB.

Byt the time I saw the logo as FGWSB he/that logo was already on death row with the university again spending time and money to make more changes.

After 20-something years in Southern California, the FGWSB holds a certain charm so when the commencement committee of the student bar association of the class of 2007 started selling Case Law hoodies with the FGWSB logo, I had to have one (or two).

MY FGWSB hoodies arrived the other day and I've been wearing them proudly while checking out the alum emails about the final four replacement logos. I took a look, got too busy to cast a vote, and had a bit of hope that the logo adopted would match my personal preference which is totally an aesthetic opinion.

Hoodies and logos aside, the originally scheduled reunion falls not on the anniversary of the graduation (that was May) but on 1 June which has always had a rather special place on my personal calendar.

Had I been inclined to attend for some mad reason it just couldn't have happened with day job deadline hell.

I've been considering a move, or at least another visit back to Ohio, for a bit now and while the reunion would have given me an excuse the calendar wasn't working and most of the people I think I'd want to see at such an event, I've either seen since or would, like me be disinclined to make the journey.

But then stuff happened and I'm inclined to make the journey for other university/law school time line associated reasons and it would be nice if somehow it could all come together.

Looking good for the home team on that front since apparently my 25th reunion is pushed back into October, at least some of the people who wouldn't otherwise even consider attending are thinking about it.


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