30 May 2007

Heptagon turning point

Fellow guild member Eileen inspired 07-07-07 heptagon project reached a jump needle and time to think level sometime back. I opted to go for a third tier of bumps and then I knit flat for about an inch before log rowing the bumps/petals back out. Once I'd reached the time to decrease this heptagon mode the next decision tree arose.

I didn't wrap any of my short rows and I increased with yarn overs so a successful pillow was going to need a liner. Initially I thought of shifting into sewing mode and whipping up a sage green satin pillow insert.

Couple of problems with that plan -- finding the satin, creating the template and that whole semi-precise sewing thing. When I first got serious about knitting much of my efforts were about trying to do with knitting what I was already doing with sewing. Fast forward and I'm still playing with knitting to mimic sewing but now my sewing skills totally suck.

So the seven side thing sits while sewing or other stuffing option work themselves out.

The first time this project appeared on the blog, I had the short row bump outs pinned back and constrained. That's one option for the final product. Today's photos are not as staged and give some idea of a second option.

That option allows some or all of the sculptural qualities of the technique to do what they do and provide a sort of nest for the rings the pillow is designed to bear. Today's second photo provides some idea of the three dimensional/sculptural quality of the piece.


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