13 May 2007

Casual thoughts, thumbs up and a heptagon in progress

The bulk of Casual cables' stitches are now on a holding needle. The pattern has been found. Based on the number of stitches on the needle I can see that I was making the size small with a finished chest size of 40.5 inches.

My gauge was not dead on and would have given me a nice middle ground between the size small and the far too big for comfort 44.5 inches chest measurement of the next size up. Had I been dead on gauge, the body of the sweater at the shoulder would have measured about 17 inches. The gauge to schematic numbers don't quite align and with only the neck width given in the schematic the best I can do here is a guess.

I still don't know what needle size I was working with so once wind a couple hanks of Berber cotton I think I'll be swatching. The Berber cotton has a ton of yardage and I worked it doubled. The ability to wind two hanks at once is one the things that I love most about my Goko swift. Look for a posting on that and be warned that you might want to race out and buy a Goko for yourself.

The thumb's healing nicely and it is going to leave a rather impressive scar that will look like a Nike logo. When I finally cleaned all the dried blood up, I was shocked to discover just how large a cut I was dealing with. My thumb is roughly 6cm around. The cut is just over 2cm which is about half the flesh potion of the thumb.

I was brave enough to start knitting something other than class sample swatches with blunt needles the other day and the in progress is shown to the right. It was inspired by fellow knitter Eileen and the hoopla surrounding the 07-07-07 wedding date.

The stitches have a nasty habit of jumping the needles and the ecru thread (mystery yarn) tends to split. It is about the weight of size 10 perle cotton and the needles it likes to slip are 2.25mm.

Despite the escaping and splitting tendencies it is moving right along and reaching a decision point. Choice one is to do another tier of the blossom/peak bump outs. Choice two is to try to morph it from heptagon to more of a circle (tetradecagon being the goal). Choice three is to just continue on with the heptagon. Finally, choice four is to decrease back down to a number that would readily create a centre out square and make this a sculptural piece on top of a square.

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