28 May 2007

2x twine into 5 a shopping bag in process

The last time this project appeared on the blog it was not a pretty picture because the yellow nylon twine's thicker weight and my death grip gauge did not yield the desired flat fabric.

I've moved on since.

I took all the yellow out of the bottom pentagon and came back in with a thinner green nylon twine. For no particular reason I opted to do a geometric perimeter in pentagon.

Because the original twine has arguably less strength than the nylon, I'll probably run a bead of a good glue around the inner and outer join of the bottom polygons for added security.

The orange points that were in process when the bag first appeared on the blog have been completed.

The lighter orange twine was used to long row the valleys created by the orange short rowed points. It makes for a very nice shape that is almost circular.

The yellow twine from the failed bottom pentagon has been recycled and used on the sides of the bag for a few rounds.

When I took these photos I had just begun to add another orange twine in a mesh stitch pattern that I found and fell in love with in my much loved Mary Thomas Knitting books.


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