08 June 2007

Logos, liners & day job deadlines

My goal of having my decks clear of day job deadline stuff got detoured by one of those dreaded last minute process changes. I'm still not wholly convinced that the effort is needed and even if needed that the timing isn't ill timed and introducing more problems than it will solve.

This sort of decision is one of the reasons why I often think about going back into training, programming or just launching yet another career and leave the joy of tech writing behind. So today was another one of those oh so fun days with "extended" hours.

While that last minute shift of plans meant I didn't meet my personal goal of everything done by Wednesday, I did have my decks clear enough to be available to help the rest of the team get their projects ready for a beta delivery and not have too much stress about getting mine done too.

In a related goal, I was in the finishing stages of the thrift store Knit-Cro-Sheen heptagon/star liner for the 07-07-07 ring bearer pillow project when I went to Knitnite on Wednesday. I did manage to get it done and stuffed (dumb move btw) shortly after so I could finish knitting the original outer layer.

So I'm peppering this post with the in process photos of it. Frankly, it ended up being almost too pretty to cover and if I wasn't in a must have a finished item to show/share for people to use it for their own weddings, I might have reconsidered, dug into fabric stash for that sage green satin and sought a sewn lining solution.

On the logo front, I decided that it made more sense to take a snap of my hoodie than to link to web pages that might or not continue to have the FDWSB CWRU retiring logo displayed. While I was delighted to see that the new logo is one of the ones I liked the most I'm still really fond of FDWSB

Since I'm still trying to be a team player on the local Stitch N Pitch committee, I'm planning to take some mini-posters along to the not-sports-friendly Knit together in Balboa Park tomorrow. I still haven't purchased my ticket even though I will be going, be stuffing goodie bags before and teaching at the event. 22 July, day game against the Phillies, Tony Gwynn weekend, be there aloha.


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