01 July 2007

Oh my it's July

I was feeling a bit low over my runagogo mileage for round two, went round & dutifully put in my total and noticed that the round two deadline is the 4th not the 1st.

I've logged another 17 miles and change since my last post and
with three extra days of walking my personal goal is looking possible and perhaps even probable -- 12 miles in three days is not even a stretch.

If I manage the Whistlestop today, that's almost five miles out and back. I'm casting around for a new walkabout project as the seemingly never ending unistrap for 2xtwine finally came together.

I did a couple of treks to Artist and Craftsman Supply on San Diego Avenue hoping that they had more of the safety orange hemp twine.

On the first try, I arrived after closing hours so all I had for my efforts was a good workout and some serious hill work (Bandini from San Diego to California is a wicked incline and then Pringle back up to Washington Place).

On the second try, I arrived during business hours but the only hemp twine in the beading supplies area was purple. I like purple and I was somewhat tempted but I'm really after safety orange. I'll keep checking back and do a bit of shopping around to see what other shops carry the stuff in that put up in the hopes of scoring at least two balls of the orange.

I haven't done the complete worry the ends thing but I'm pretty happy with 2xtwine.

Double knitting the unistrap makes for a very sturdy and very comfortable strap. At 12 stitches on a side it is about two inches wide. It isn't a closed loop knitting project as I joined another spool of the orange nylon twine and worked it up from the body of the bag. I joined the two live stitches with a three needle bind off for stability.

I revisited my original idea for the strap with a not so minor shift of gears. Having resolved the gauge problem between the nylon twine and the original multi-coloured hemp by working the hemp doubled, I used it to form one of two sweet little pentagons (formed by central decreases working up from the short rowed wedges coming up from the body of the bag).

I probably should have made the multi-coloured hemp the outside pentagon instead of the orange but since it was all an afterthought design decision, I'm good with it. The two pentagons were worked independently and I sewed one side shut leaving the other side open to form a little pocket suitable for change purse, key, ipod or whatever storage.

It could stand some refining for the next go 'round. I'm leaning toward a vertical button hole slit or returning to the original idea of a pentagon with an opening at the top.

So it's July and our local Stitch n Pitch game is a mere 21 days away. If you're in San Diego and a knitter, crocheter, needlepointer or some other needle art type or wannabe get out there and buy a ticket and consider volunteering to teach at the game.

Knitting in La Jolla has tickets available if you're in the neighbourhood and don't forget that the Padres also have an online portal. I finally bought my ticket from Suzanne while on a deliver flyers, posters and other promo materials run.

Now I just have to figure out what I'll be knitting to from and at the game.This is a very important decision for me because I plan to walk to the game and truth be told? I don't really like baseball.


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