04 July 2007

Painful pink combined

Independence day, walkabout and start of round 3 of runagogo. I haven't totally decided on a goal but I managed a little under 10 miles today and got most of the pink pentagon project done.

I walked down to the Shakie's via Mission Hills/Pioneer park, met up and cleared up the wager situation, then walked on through Middletown and back up into Hillcrest.

Short rest, water and a glass of wine and then I continued on through the park just to polish the day and rack up the mileage.

Sometime back I bought a couple of pink non-traditional possible knitting materials.

The first one is a plastic twine that's bit like the stuff they use these days to bind up Sunday newspapers but a bit more decorative.

It's been sitting around for quite sometime until I got the bright idea to combine it with the nylon twine for the mesh portion of the project.

That was the theory until the stuff snagged on something and shredded itself. It isn't off the list of stuff to knit with but it has moved back in the queue.

The other stuff is straight line flagging tape in a hot hot pink.
It was a total whim purchase and pretty much a total whim knit choice when I lost faith in the other stuff. I like the result so much that I'll probably be making a Home Depot/hardware store run something real soon to scout other colour options.

Combined I ended up with a very pink, very girlie bottle holder using hardware store materials.

This one started as a centre out pentagon, morphed into a five pointed star, then I filled in the valleys and, after a bit of garter and shifting of stitches I went into the Mary Thomas mock filet lace crochet stitch.


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