23 July 2007

Bags and leather

Even though I cheated and only walked home from the game yesterday, I was exhausted today so it is very good thing that work projects are in a transition mode.

About the bags, one of my big goals going into the Stitch N Pitch thing was to optimise the promo or block ticket purchaser to bag relationship. My thinking was that happy ticket holders breed happy ticket holder and attendees.

One of major league all stars of our local committee (Julie) used last year's schwag to whet appetite of knitters. So the power of schwag should not be underestimated.

When we finally wrapped things up at the teaching/distro tables I was shocked at how many bags had not made their way into the hands of ticket holders so if you're one of the bagless holding a San Diego Stitch N Pitch ticket without the telltale Sharpie slash, we may still be able to connect you to schwag.

So what was this year's San Diego Stitch N Pitch schwag? If you're a bag hag like me, you start with the bag itself, a combo of the Stitch n Pitch logo with the local team (Padres's) logo on the ball of yarn.

In addition to the local schwag we had vampire stakes aka Clover US 19 straight bamboo needles. Don't knock them, they are good for demo-ing a technique to a crowd/group when teaching.

We also had some freebie patterns of the mass market slick tear off variety that worked back well to the fuzzy yarn. In our case, two different varieties but three skeins of the same colour is a good thing. DMC supplied a sweet little needle point project (little being operative -- sort of a taster/teaser project perfect for getting started.

There was also a fairly current Cast on magazine.

Although it arrived late on the day of the stuffing party we also had a geographically relevant resource list that found its way into most bags and into many an interested passerbyers' hands.

Onto the leather. Just a few blocks from home on tonight's commute, my right turn from University was slightly delayed as a pack (at least a dozen or so) of leather wearing nipple ring whip wielding sorts cleared the sidewalk.

Even in Hillcrest that was a bit dd but when combined with my
noticing the sign on what used to be the dirty movie house at Vermont & University about San Diego's 1st "omni-sexual lounge" it makes for an eyebrow raise and blog entry.

I'm not entirely sure I want to know what an omni-sexual is but I guess I'll be walking by their first lounge sometime soon when grocery shopping.


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