22 July 2007

Stitch n Pitch round 1

How I can walk as many miles as I have in the last couple of days and then wake up to find I weigh five pounds more than I did two days ago is not a happy making mystery.

Starting on that sour note the get out and get going part of the day was a bit of a challenge. I missed the bus I'd planned to take so I arrived later than I'd planned to find tables, boxes, waiting ticket holders and Vicky. The weather was a 180 from Friday with full sun.

Soon after Libby and spouse were a welcome sight and we started to get our act together and bags distributed.

Vicky's co-worker Crystal also pitched in with the distribution which was a good thing because just as I feared our teaching/distribution roster was a bit thin.

When Caryl & Nancy Nelson of Common Threads arrived they brought the star of the day -- the sample of the Padres sweater Nancy designed.

The pattern was one of the items in the goodie bags.

As time went by and families with children passed I did find myself wondering whether the mini-bats being given to 14 and under or the size 19 Clover knitting needles in the goodie bags were bigger.

Just as I was late, the Stitch n Pitch ticket holders were also arriving later rather than sooner so by the first pitch we still had lots of bags undistributed and a sample sweater to get back to Nancy. It was very clear that if the boxes of bags were not stored away elsewhere they would have disappeared. Apparently bags are the must have items surpassing perhaps even t-shirts.

When we finally got the boxes of bags on their way back to storage thanks to Nick the great Padres' group sales contact, the game was already in the third inning or so and the Padres were not having a good day.

The Stitch n Pitch crowd could at least get some satisfaction from their projects and it was nice to see so many WIP being worked on.

Once in the stands it was clear that people had taken the seat information on their tickets as a suggestion rather than gospel so after briefly sitting near my seat, I joined Libby a bit higher up and out the sun.



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