23 July 2007

Stitch n Pitch round 2

When I said the Padres weren't having a good day I wasn't kidding, they ended up getting skunked 9 - nil. Plenty of drama but not many hits for the home team.

I'm not sure whether Suzanne of Knitting in La Jolla (she's the one in the shades & knitting) was frowning over the score or over her knitting but at least she had good company in other knitters and her son who was sporting one of the shops' signature t-shirts.

In the stands I finally got to some of my knitting projects including the cell phone cosy designed to co-ordinate with 2x twine and the super sharp pointies double knit cheque book project.

My concerns about the sizing on the cheque book cover were well founded so my walkabout and very slow going (knitting not walking) project has been a new mutation that I began with the poison green Senso I used for the stem of the goth lily.

It was approaching the almost there, almost there, almost there isn't this thing growing? stage. Knitters know that this stage is often followed by the damn it's too big stage.

The other WIP at Petco was the cell phone cosy. The orange nylon twine is a lot louder in person than in this photo.

Fellow Knitniters had checked it out when they picked up their bags and asked where 2x twine was since Linda had missed last Knitnite meeting.

Since both 2x twine and the cell phone cosy are likely going to live in India with Roopa (aka visiting engineer) when she returns home on 3 August, if the next Knitnite is the 8th and not the 1st anyone who didn't get to see them in July or at the game will have a long commute to check them out.

More photos of knitting in the stands follow.

I have it on good authority (his mom) that the young man pictured in the middle of this snap actually learned to knit during the game. Something to be said for "vampire stake" knitting needles and fluff yarn in a goodie bag.


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