07 August 2007

A slightly different take on enabling -- The Best of VK the book

I've been meaning to write about this book for some time. My original plan was to write a post that also talked about the ever so wonderful Knitted Lingerie Style from Joan MM. But every time I tried to write that post I found myself veering off into a rant about sizes and such.

My rant was not going to be of the "how dare Joan abandon we amples for the skinny minis shown in this book" variety that I've heard so much of. No, I was more likely to rant about those self same ranters and how so many knitters trash perfectly good knitting books and patterns just because the designs/images don't suit them. I hope that I don't come off as one of those knitters and if I do, call me on it.

I've had a love/hate relationship with Crafter's Choice off and on for some years now. A few months back one of the Editor's choices was a Debbie Bliss title and as much as I love Debbie Bliss most of her pattern based books (other than the knitted toys/teddy bears) contain the same sorts of classic knits I'd be able to grind out myself. One of the few other knitting titles was the Best of Vogue Knitting book and that one got my attention.

I think that I'd already read a snippet or two about this book on one or most lists/forums whatever and the overall impression I got was that the book was more of technique anthology than pattern s to knit.

A bit of coin toss on the support Debbie Bliss by buying a title I'm not likely to knit a single design from (I've plenty in the library) or picking up the VK title as a good single source anthology much like the Threads knit techniques books ended up with the Editor's Choice getting a pass and the VK getting the order.

It's a great book. I own many of the issue the excerpts come from but not all and the ones I do own I probably couldn't easily put hand to.

I loved this book so much that I took it directly to work and emailed a die hard knitting co-worker to have a leaf through -- she was Amazon bound after the first pass. Like all Sixth & Spring books it is beautiful and this one's indexed (would that they would do that for all their titles).


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