09 August 2007

It's been a wild week of hurry up and wait.

On Tuesday the 7th the
electrical work that was supposed to have happened earlier was rescheduled.

We initially thought that the work would mean a loss of
power for at least part of the day and I wasn't keen on taking my network down if I didn't need to, nor was I interested in having it brought down unexpectedly so I worked from home and hoped that the workmen would arrive early enough for me to catch up with pal Steph.

such luck, they finally arrived roughly 15 minutes before the end of my work at home day schedule and didn't even need to shit down power. Pish. Still, a work at home day ends at 15:00, doesn't involve a commute and even if I missed lunch with Steph, I managed to put in some mileage.

Mostly that mileage was just a round and through the park tour but I also took a snap or two of this building on 5th & Palm (?) that's mix of East & West styles has kept me puzzled for years.

I also managed to book my flight to Cleveland in September/October. I'm still a bit concerned about who's going to look in on Kali while I'm away but I've time to get that ironed out.


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