23 August 2007

Warning no knit content just a brief battery interlude or Diehard with a Ranger

A recall notice that suggests you shouldn't park your vehicle in a structure to avoid the risk of fire is one to pay attention to. So this morning, I drove the truck "home" to Mossy Ford.

I had planned to take the shuttle home but when the estimated three to four hours was estimated down to 40 minutes I spent quality knitting and reading time in the waiting room while the offending cruise control harness was replaced and the truck went through
a free 99 point inspection and a trip through the car wash.

In addition to a few fluid issues that will get sorted out at the next oil change and my "yes I know they're crap windshield wipers", the free 99 point inspection indicated that this was the year my original factory installed battery was finally ready to retire.

The truck is a 1998 model year and so is the battery. Factory installed batteries typically last between three and five years. All batteries have a nasty habit of giving up the ghost in the most inconvenient locations and times so I've been monitoring the health of this battery carefully for some time.

For the last few years the San Diego Knit-Out at UTC has also provided me with an opportunity to visit Sears for a battery check.

Since there's been no announcement of when and if the Knit Out is happening this year, I guess it is a good thing that the recall came and my over-achieving battery finally decided to stop holding a charge.

The Sears check confirmed the dealership's findings, good voltage but only holding a charge at 60% -- time for a change.

I'm going to miss the how long will she last checkups but no worries, the Aerostar (model year 1993) is on year two of her second replacement battery -- the first replacement was deemed defective and replaced gratis by Sears even though I know I put it in deep discharge (a big no-no) at least twice due to my own duh.


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