14 August 2007

In the loose ends category, I'm trying to make myself come back to and complete some projects that have spent far too much time being schleped and too little time being knit.

The first in that category is the Popoki Shawl. It and my notes have been reunited in my knitting bag but I haven't had the time or inclination to get my paws coated in loose Linus linen that would inevitably result if I started knitting in the recent hot sticky. My goal is to get the notes paired down to the bare essentials (think index cards) and let it be A/C knitting.

Next up is a pentagon project that still wants undoing. I didn't start my increases for the armholes soon enough so much tinking was (and still is) in order. The piece is on Knitpicks size 3s and the pointy nature of the needle limits the amount of tinking even my highly calloused fingers can

The third in the bunch is a diagonal project last seen here in March. I've been trying to decide whether I want the handpainted stuff at the sides or centre. If I opt for the centre then I need to do the second Fixation section exactly as I did the first. If I choose sides then I have the option of working a series of cables in the fixation to pull the fabric in even more. If I do that, I was thinking that I could play with reversible cables and or cables mixed with lace/open work.

Fourth comes the Berber Cotton swatch for the reclaim the Casual Cables. What should have been a fairly straight forward swatch exercise took a veer off into the shrubbery as I started playing with different stocking stitch variations with an eye toward showing how combining twisted stocking stitch and cables can make a cable pop even when using material that isn't crisp and cable friendly. The Berber Cotton's a perfect example of just such a fabric BTW. Loosely spun it is soft, soft, soft and without twisting the stitches would have made for blah, blah, blah cables.

Fifth is the twine and flagging tape for a second girlie girl painfully pink water bottle cosy. I need to write the pattern up so I need to do a quick sanity check swatch to see if I can specify the 5oz (75 yd/68.6m) put up of the twine rather than the Flying Colors pre-pack which tends to be thinner and doesn't have quite as much yardage. The single colour put up has about 1 oz (15 yards) more yardage than required to complete the project without using the optional flagging tape segment. I think a slightly more demure white version with pink flagging tape would also be fun.

Do I have a sixth or just how big is that bag? Yeah, I have a sixth. That's the really should cast on pentagon cell phone cosy to reproduce (in more subdued colours) the one I knit up and shipped off to India with Roopa.

Are there more loose ends in other bags? If you have to ask you're not really a knitter.


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