15 August 2007

Check, cheque, chequebook oops

Most of the time I remember to take a picture of a finished item before I give it away. I learned this lesson the hard way when I would design something, give it a way only to find that my notes were not up to snuff and absent at least a photo to reverse engineer from I was SOL.

So mostly I do but this time I ooopsed again.

The progression of the second knitted cheque book cover was a slow one that actually had fewer technical problems than the first.

I still keep thinking that I have more of the blue or the purple colour way stashed away somewhere but I'm not finding either one. While I wish that this stuff was still being manufactured I'm not jumping on ebay to pay way too much to someone who doesn't appreciate the stuff.

Initially I didn't realise that the poison green that I used for the second version also worked back beautifully to the blue colourway of the original but then that's the genius of Eisaku Noro.

The good/bad news for Judy (aka intended recipient of the second cheque book cover) was that I was becoming increasingly fond of the second colourway version and less and less attached to the original that she had so admired.

The pull in that happens when shifting from double knit to single knit was somewhat less pronounced in the second version. Some choices for dealing with the taper include blocking, increasing or my choice -- short rowing a band.

My plans for the second version always included Russian grafting to join the two sleeves and either an applied icord edging or some other treatment to tie the poison green further into the overall design.

The grafting happened. The edging didn't. The edging did happen to the original blue cheque book cover and here's my ooops -- I didn't take pictures before giving it away.

I simply picked up the edge stitches and knit allowing the stocking stitch to roll. To account for the pull in, I did a bit of short rowing.

I may do the same to the second cover which still doesn't have its ends woven in while covering my business cheque book.

I don't believe I have enough of either colourway to do a second project of any meaningful size but I have been toying with the idea of combining the hemp with the kynar wire for some one-off knitted jewelry.


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